Use your Smartphone to Control Netflix on a PS3


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control Netflix on your PS3 without having to deal with the bulky controller? If you think so, and you’ve got an Android or Apple smartphone in your pocket, you can. Richard Lawler posted an article on Engadget explaining that the mobile Netflix app allows you to control the PS3 app from your phone. You can browse through the movie collection and start, stop or pause movies without picking up your PS3 controller.

The best part of this interesting feature is that it requires almost no setup. All you have to do is sign in to your Netflix account on both devices and you’re good to go. Press the button that looks like a TV in your mobile Netflix app, select your PS3 and any action that you initiate on your phone, will complete on your PS3. To see this feature in action check out the YouTube video posted by italianblkguy1.

Original Source – Engadget – Netflix iOS and Android Apps Have a Remove Control Easter Egg for PS3 Owners

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