Use This To Fly The Paper Airplane Of Your Dreams


Making the longest flying paper airplane is a difficult task without a little help.

For a whole new way of flying paper airplanes, you need the PowerUp 3.0.

This device is a small attachment that fits on the nose of the folded plane and extends to the back, which acts as a stabilizer.


One of the reasons paper airplanes can’t fly very long is due to their inability to make alterations according to their surroundings. The PowerUp 3.0 changes the way you fly folded planes. It is designed to manipulate the way air hits the plane, allowing you to steer and make adjustments as needed from your smartphone.


The app that controls the small motor and propeller is robust. From the dashboard you can see how much juice the device has. It also allows you to monitor various elements that affect the performance of the paper airplane.

PowerUp 3.0 | The Gadget Flow

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