Upgrading Your Router? Try Soap


Your router is overdue for an upgrade.

With advancements in home automation, smartphones and tablets, it’s about time the old router gets disrupted. The makers of Soap noticed this and created a superior router for today’s digital needs.

First, the router features wireless gigabyte speeds. You may never need a messy Ethernet cord again. The panel runs on Android and can be controlled using an app. This is also the first router to have 2GB of DDR3 Ram (yours is probably 256MB).

For parents, the device comes with built-in security functions. You can set a time limit on usage per device and even ban websites that aren’t safe for viewing. With the Soap router, you will be able to control other digital devices at home such as lights, thermostats and possibly garage doors.

This product is highly recommended.

Soap – The One Device to Rule them All. Intelligent router. | Indiegogo

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