TVPRO First Interactive Media Player w Full 1080p HD Webcam

Many people now have at least two devices that they use regularly. Whether it’s a laptop and smartphone, or a tablet and desktop computer, there’s no denying that we’re more attached to technology than ever before. TVPRO is a new device that aims to put the features from all these devices into a single media player; it’s like having a smartphone, computer and video game system all in one.

TVPRO is more than just a smart TV. Not only does it come with a full 1080p HD webcam, but it also has its very own air mouse that serves as a remote control and also works much like a computer mouse.

Since the TVPRO is powered by Android, you have the luxury of accessing millions of apps, movies, TV shows, songs and more through the Google Play Store. Many people like to stream media from their Android devices to their TV, but with the TVPRO you won’t have to since you’ll be able to access most of the same apps right on your TV screen.

If you often use Skype or Google Hangouts for video chats, then you’ll really enjoy the ability to do so via the webcam, which happens to sport a 5MP camera autofocus feature. Plus, being able to play your favorite Android games on your TV screen is a great added bonus. TVPRO can really simplify your life and the eliminate all the devices you use daily.

TVPRO First Interactive Media Player | Kickstarter

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