Try Giving These Up

To follow that article from Tim Ferriss about habits to quit, here are 10 ‘odd’ things to give up from Leo’s ZenHabits.

No wallet. This isn’t an original idea, of course, but about a year ago I put my wallet in my car’s glove compartment. Now I only carry a few bills in cash, my driver’s license and my debit card, binded with a clip. My membership cards, discount cards, etc. are stored in my wallet in my glove compartment, and you know what? I never need them. I think I’ve only gone in the wallet once to get out a card in the last year.

What Leo’s attempting to do is provide a minimilist alternative to what you carry around and do during your day. All we’re really doing is asking, “Do you need this stuff?” If you don’t you probably shouldn’t bother carrying it around.

Some of the other suggestions appeal to those of us who just want to change a few habits or force ourselves to work in a different way. For instance, the No Desktop Storage suggestion will force you to put away and organize your stuff.

10 Odd Little Minimalist Things I Do – [ZenHabits]

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