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TREWGrip Mobile Querty: A Handheld Keyboard and Air Mouse for Your Mobile Device

When you think of a keyboard for your mobile device, you probably think of either the small keyboard attached to the bottom of a phone (Blackberry style) or the touchscreen keyboard. While these internal keyboards are great for quick messages, they’re not the best when it comes to typing longer messages such as emails. That’s where the external keyboard TREWGrip steps in and takes typing on your mobile device to a whole other level.

TREWGrip is a unique handheld keyboard and air mouse for mobile phones and tablets that keep the keys in the same Querty orientation that you’re already used to. However, to use it you have to rotate your hands and type using the keys underneath the device. As you’ll see in the video, it’s easier said than done. This isn’t your average flat keyboard though; the idea is to not change how you type, but where you type.

Do you think that you could learn to type on your mobile device using TREWGrip, or does it seem too complicated? You never know, this handheld keyboard and air mouse could become your new favorite gadget.

TREWGrip Mobile Querty | TREWGrip

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