Translate Words From Pictures Using Word Lens


Word Lens is one of the most intriguing app I have ever used.

It translates words in photos, from one language to another. This is obviously useful in numerous situations, when traveling or reading brochures in foreign languages.

One of the best features of the app includes offline functionality. You don’t need to be connected online to use Word Lens. The app does require a steady hand to process hard to read signs, but overall it’s as simple as pointing and shooting.

Word Lens holds several language translations in its database, such as English to Russian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and vice versa. You can also manually type in words for translations that are not found in a photo.

This app is highly recommended for everyone and showcases how far technology has gone in today’s modern world. Try it out now!

Word Lens on the App Store on iTunes | iTunes App Store


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