Updated: March 19, 2013

Top 5 Prank Apps to Use on April Fool’s Day


As March nears it’s end, jokesters relish the opportunity to utilize April Fool’s Day to have a good time. With modern technology, it is easier than ever to use applications in order to make pranks with other individuals and have a good time. While your victims might have less fun, it is still enjoyable to take advantage of these iphone apps for this once-a-year day.

fake calls 1
fake calls 2
fake calls 3

1. The Fake Call – this app allows you automate a fake prank call that can either frighten or excite your friends. Is the FBI really calling? Is that Brad Pitt? Think of something creative and put one over on April Fool’s Day

EvilEye- Phone Tracker Prank 1
EvilEye- Phone Tracker Prank 2
EvilEye- Phone Tracker Prank 3

2. The Evil Eye – having a watchful eye on you is always terrifying. With this app, you can pretend to create sensational news articles that will frighten your friends and give you a good laugh.

Dude, your car! 1
Dude, your car! 2
Dude, your car! 3

3. Dude, Your Car! – this app is perhaps one of the worst and might not be for victims of all age groups. However, you can take a photo of an owner’s car, apply hit-and-run damage to the picture and send them the gruesome details. This might not be immediately funny, but hey – it’s April Fool’s Day!

Scary App- The iPhone Prank 1
Scary App- The iPhone Prank 2
Scary App- The iPhone Prank 3

4. The Scary Prank – focusing attention and scaring the victim is one of the oldest tricks in the book. With this great app, you can entice a friend to play a video game for 30 seconds before getting a sharp scare with a monster.


iFool 1
iFool 2
iFool 3

5. The Fool App – as the most versatile April Fool’s app, you can scare, trick, or confuse your friends. Combinations for pranks are endless so it is up to you how far you want to go.

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