Gone are the days when small businesses had to rely heavily on budgeted advertising to promote themselves. Thanks to the readily available social media tools, generating business now has become far easier.

The business owner can choose amongst various platforms that help them not only endorse themselves but also monitor the progress they have made. Some of these tools come with a free trial period or a nominal annual or monthly charge that gives you access to exciting marketing apps and also an option to customise the landing pages. They even allow the user to access these apps while they are on the move with their ‘mobile ready’ features.

This infographic by Socially Stacked can come in handy for all the business owners that are looking for cost effective yet efficient ways to market themselves.

diy-SMM tools

Top 16 DIY Tools For Social Media Management | Socially Stacked


Featured photo credit: Socially Stacked via goo.gl

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