Top 10 Privacy Infringing Companies


The Business Intelligence Lowdown sheds light onto some very questionable privacy management practices by some of the biggest online companies including: America Online,, Yahoo!, and Google.

How much would you sell your private data to a company for? Would you take $100 to let someone see every site you have visited over the past year, how about $1,000? Today, many major companies spend millions collecting a variety data on individuals such as; what charities you donate to, your political beliefs, your shopping habits, your educational data and your contact information.

The following are the ten companies listed by the Business Intelligence Lowdown:

1. ChoicePoint
2. Google
3. Acxiom
4. Accenture
5. Microsoft
6. Yahoo!
8. America Online
9. LexisNexus
10. Response Unlimited

I am borderline paranoid about my online privacy, however when talking with friends and family about online privacy they are much less concerned than me. Do you have any online privacy concerns? Does the mismanagement or sale of your personal data upset you? Please let us know your opinion in the comments.

Top 10 Big Brother Companies – Business Intelligence Lowdown

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