Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid


A few weeks ago we posted the top 10 Firefox extensions to improve your productivity. Today Computer World did a reverse post that lists ten Firefox extensions you should not use. I find the post interesting because it gives some extremely convincing arguments against many of the extensions that people commonly have on their top 10 Firefox extensions lists.

Popularity shouldn’t be the acid test to determine if you should install an extension. The important question is whether it enhances your browsing experience without any nasty side effects. The good news is that the extension community is actually pretty adept at self-policing. Most extensions that are truly “broken” (for instance, they crash your browser or suck up all your CPU power) either get fixed quickly or simply vanish.

But some extensions are “bad” in unapparent ways, or just don’t provide enough benefits to be worth running. So, in no particular order, let’s look at 10 to avoid.

Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid – [Computer World]

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