The iPod hasn’t received a major update in ages. The screen resolution has gotten sharper and the design looks sleeker, but the overall features are still the same.

That’s why you need to replace it with the Geek Wave Player.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the portable music device is its simplicity. It was designed to with a minimalistic approach, to hold an array of never-seen-before functionality. sdfsafsafLUnder the hood you will find 10 core processors. Yes, that’s right 10. To be more specific, the device uses a dual core MIPS32 MPU from Microchip Technology and an eight core 500MIPS CPU from XMOS.

This allows the Geek Wave Player to churn out high resolution audio files without lag.

e48bcac7I highly recommend this product due to its superior features over other portable music players out in the market today.

Geek Wave: It’s Not a Next-gen iPod. It’s a No-compromise Portable Music Player | Indiegogo

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