The Tiny Dart Charger is the Perfect Mobile Companion

When it comes to charging a laptop or mobile phone while on-the-go, convenience is a must. There’s nothing worse than having to lug around a large, bulky charger. Doesn’t it just make sense to have a small and light laptop or phone charger that you can leave in your car or purse, and use specifically when you’re away from home? Of course, it does. That’s why the Dart, a tiny charger for all your device, is the perfect mobile companion.

Although the Dart is advertised as “the world’s smallest laptop adapter,” it supports many other USB devices like tablets, smartphones and cameras. So, while charging your laptop with 65W of power, you can also have a mobile device charging as well. The fact that the Dart is so small, lightweight, stylish, and can charge two devices at one time, makes it well worth the purchase.

As the owner of a MacBook Pro, I figured I’d be out of luck, but it looks like I’m not. There’s a special Dart just for the MacBook, however, it does justifiably cost more than the standard Dart.

Being able to replace two bulky chargers, with a single smaller one is such a huge convenience. Most people now have at least two types of mobile devices, and many more than that, so it only makes sense to have a laptop charger like the Dart. It’s also nice to have a nice selection of colors to choose from, especially for couples and families. No more fighting over whose charger is whose.

Dart: The World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter | Kickstarter

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