Is This The Future Of Online Shopping?



The future of online shopping is here.

Micro-shop is a vending machine that allow users to take a picture of themselves and try on clothes without stepping in a changing room. No more waiting behind long lines or leaving your child in the waiting area.

Once you’ve decided on a product, the Micro-shop dispenses it like a vending machine. No more faulty cash registers.

For those who shop on a need basis, this can cut your time in half.

Have you ever wanted to shop for clothes while waiting for the train to arrive? The Micro-shop can make that happen. Waiting to enter a movie at the theatre can be more entertaining with a Micro-shop nearby.

For those who want to start their own business, but lack the funds to put up a store, this new shopping concept might be the solution.

Micro-shop: The future of shopping, pop-up stores | Indiegogo

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