The Simplest Interactive Photography Guide To Clicking Breathtaking Photographs


How often do you find yourself wanting to throw your smartphone or camera out of the window for making a mess of the perfect photo-op?

We’ve all been through plethora of shutterbug resources just to come away feeling even more confused and inadequate; No more! I chanced upon this excellent photography guide put together by Shutterfly that gives you simple and usable instructions for clicking breathtaking pictures.

The premise of this photography guide is simple enough; to help you get the best shots regardless of the camera. So, there are tips for Point and Shoot, DSLR and even smartphone cameras. The resource covers helpful tricks on every conceivable photo type from selfies to 360-degree panorama shots. The best part about it though, is the total absence of technical jargon like aperture, ISO etc. One glaring omission though is the night scene or the low light photography.

Check this out, this sure is a great reason to go on a shooting spree!

Shutterfly helps you with any type of camera



…and any photo type




Featured photo credit: Shutterflyvia

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