This GPS Tracker Is The Ultimate Survival Gadget That Fits In Your Hand


There are way too many GPS trackers on the market right now. But the Iota is different.

It is the complete tracker that comes with the right features, all of which you will surely use. The designers claim that it is the longest lasting tracker that is sensitive enough to track children, cars, bikes and pets.

It also comes with an emergency button incase the wearer gets into trouble or needs immediate attention. The temperature sensor can be useful for camping or hiking. Furthermore, the service is completely free, no monthly charges or hidden fees.


The app that comes with the gadget is extremely functional. Because you will be tracking a variety of things, you can create profiles for each one. This allows you to save and switch settings with ease. With harsh conditions in mind, the tracker is waterproof and comes with a built in accelerometer.

Iota: Never lose sight of what’s important. | Kickstarter

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