This Is The Best Way To Stream Torrents From Your Computer To The Television Using AppleTV


Looking for a new and more convenient way of streaming torrent files using Apple TV? If you were using the Popcorn Time app in the past, you’d know that it was both awesome and limiting.

You could look for movies and shows and watch them on your computer. But what if you wanted to stream shows on your TV? Or better yet, what if the movie you want to watch wasn’t on the Popcorn Time menu? Instead of using multiple apps to get this done, now there’s TorrenTV.

In a nutshell, the app allows individuals with AppleTV to stream movies from their computer to the television. The drag and drop method is incredibly simple. Unlike Popcorn Time, people will need to look for their own “seeds” or index of files. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re into movies that aren’t mainstream or are on a limited release.

Here’s how to BitTorrent movies on your Apple TV | Cult of Mac


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