This App Will Help You Remember Where You Parked


Even those who are fairly good at remembering locations have had at least a few occassions when they have totally forgotten where they parked -and most people have many more problems remembering where they parked. Fortunately, thanks to the GPS technologies in modern smart phones, this might soon be an issue of the past -at least, for those who download and use the Valet app.

Valet is an Android app that is any city-dweller’s best friend as it not only helps you remember where you parked, but also sets reminders for when your parking meter will expire or what days street sweeping occurs. Even more impressive is that for all the good the tool does, it only costs $1.99 -meaning it will pay for itself many times over the first time it helps you avoid a street sweeping or parking meter ticket.


Original Source –Laughing Squid

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