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Full HD 360° Photos Taking With This Incredible Camera

Now you can take pictures and shoot videos in a full 360° circle.  The 360cam has raised almost a million dollars in pre-orders, because this palm-sized gadget can do some really cool things:

First, it can take videos in a full-circle rotation, which is the next best thing 3D movies.

Second, you can take pictures of yourself in a setting even if much of it is behind the camera (like in the middle of a great hall or a canyon, everything around you can be captured in the picture).

Third, you can screw The 360cam into a light bulb socket and use it as a surveillance camera, covering the whole room.

You can stream 360-degree video over WiFi so that others can remotely experience everything around you.

Video, streaming and photos on this 360° camera are in full HD.

And of course, images can be instantly posted to the major social networks.

Plus, you can do all this under water (except for the part about screwing it into a light bulb socket – don’t try that under water).

Here’s the trailer video:

The World’s First Full HD 360° Camera | Kickstarter

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