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Now Trending - Faceless Watches

All wristband, no face. More bracelet than watch, this is a fashion statement for modern men and women. Welcome to the latest innovation in high-class time pieces – faceless watches.

Cell phones may have rendered the traditional watch redundant, but people are still buying them.  However, today’s digital watch needs be no more than a wristband.  L.E.D. numbers are conveniently embedded into the wristband itself.

faceless watch

Faceless watch for men


Faceless watch for men

And if a stark metal wristband seems too masculine for the ladies, there are colors and patterns that will appeal more to a feminine fashion sense.


Faceless watch for ladies


Faceless watch for ladies

And for the the younger generation, not ready to take on such an adult looking watch, “bracelet watches” come in a host of junior colors.


Faceless watches for children

Best of all, these are not pricy items.  You can find a faceless watch online for anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00, and they are for sale pretty much around the world.

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