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The Most Useful Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows 8 has been released and for some of us, it’s time to get used to a new user interface. This can be troublesome when learning something new, particularly because this version of Windows is trying to be the best of both worlds — namely one that meets the needs of both a touchscreen device and a computer. For those of us who still use the Windows OS on a desktop computer, here are some shortcut keys to help you ease the pain of looking around to perform some of those actions.

We’ve tracked down a cool resource that lists some of the Windows 8 shortcut keys that will help you to be more efficient.

Windows refers to the Windows key. When I write Windows-C, I mean that you need to press the Windows key and the C key on the keyboard to execute the shortcut.

  • Windows: Switch between the start screen and the traditional desktop.
  • Windows-C: This shortcut opens the new Charms Bar. It works both on the start screen and on the traditional desktop.
  • Windows-X: Opens an advanced tools menu on the desktop in the location the start menu was located in.
  • Windows-Q: Opens the Apps search menu on the start screen that you can use to search for applications and programs.
  • Windows-W: Opens the settings search menu on the start screen to search for settings, Windows tools and control panel applets

You can see the full article with the shortcuts here > Top Windows 8 Shortcuts You Should Know to Speed Up Your Work

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