The Most Sturdy, 360 Camera Has Arrived


Are you looking for a camera with unique features?

Try the CENTR camera.

The gadget is a photo enthusiast’s dream come true. It allows individuals to take a 360 shot in real-time. The tool has 4K capabilities and functions as a normal camera as well. For those who like to take breathtaking pictures of nature and sports, this can highlight the entire scene without needing to piece several shots together.


The CENTR camera comes with an app, which functions as a separate screen. The convenient tool is also desktop and laptop compatible.

Selfie-lovers can benefit from the camera due to its compact size and powerful features. You can be sure your pictures will standout in social media, as 360 photos are uncommon online.

What kind of pictures would you take with the CENTR camera if you had it in your creative hands? Let us know what you think.

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