Facebook is one of the world’s most popular websites, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Their 2013 review has revealed the top 25 most popular check-in locations around the world, most of which were popular tourist attractions.

In Hong Kong, France, Japan and the USA Disney resorts were the most popular locations. Iceland’s The Blue Lagoon is featured, as well as Piazza San Marco in Venice, and Las Ramblas in Barcelona. There were some surprising top locations, for example in India The Golden Temple was checked into more times than the Taj Mahal. In Russia, it was not Red Square, but Gorky Park. In Germany, it was the Reeperbahn in Hamburg which is situated at the heart of the cities Redlight District. Make of that what you will. Although, that is possibly because the Reeperbahn is where The Beatles spent two years before they got famous, not because people want their friends to know they were at a brothel.

The World’s Top Facebook Check-In Locations | Facebook Trends 2013 

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