Extremely Functional Mobile Case, Features As A Stand, Tripod And More



Do you use a separate stand, case and tripod for your iPhone?

Managing several phone accessories can be confusing and impracticable.

With the Friztframe, you only need one case that does everything you can think of.

You can use it as an extension for selfies and videos.

Using it as a stand while you’re studying or using the computer is as simple as releasing the bottom part of the case.

You can even hang your iPhone out of harms way while cooking.

The Fritzframe is so functional you can throw all your other mobile accessories away. The tool is made up of sturdy, long-lasting material and is lighter than a pencil. You can also charge your phone without removing the case. Chances are you won’t need to replace the tool any time soon.

How will you be using the Fritzframe? Let us know what you think.

fritzframe! It will change the way you use your iPhone. | Indiegogo

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