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The Most Durable Portable Speakers Is Here, Doubles As A Powerbank

Headphones aren’t enough to fuel the soundtrack of your life. You need speakers.

The problem is they break easily. Spill a bit of water on them and they stop working.

If you’re looking for sturdy speakers, try the BIG Turtle Shell. It’s strong enough to withstand your loud and extreme lifestyle.

The wireless bluetooth speaker is water resistant, dust proof and shock proof. It looks like an armored rock from a distance, making it very appealing to outdoor enthusiasts. There are even handles on the side if you want to shake it around.

The 7800 milliamps of battery power in the speakers is unlike any other. Because of this, the device also doubles as a power bank. Now you can charge your phone, laptop or another set of weaker, flimsy speakers that can’t handle the power of the BIG Turtle Shell.

The BIG Turtle Shell®: Rugged, Wireless BoomBox & Power Bank | Kickstarter

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