Allow me to be flippantly bold and say, most of us own a padlock or two. I actually own 8 padlocks. Each one, of different size and design. With the fast pace life we live, padlocks are a convenient way to secure drawers, lockers, cabinets, doors, or even bikes if you have a sturdy piece of chain with the right size on which you can attach a padlock. I know that’s old school, but still, it’s effective.

Many people still use padlocks to secure valuable items because they are easy to mount. All you need is a good set of staple and hasp, and a padlock of good quality to complete the ensemble. This ensemble spells an added security to anything you consider a treasure.

That’s the old way of doing things. Now, here’s the future of padlock — Teo. Teo is a padlock that you can lock and unlock with a smartphone or any device that’s bluetooth enabled. Here’s the nice thing about it — you don’t need to keep too many keys using Teo. In fact, now, your smartphone is your key!  This product is a project of OckCorp on Kickstarter.


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