Mapping The History Of Global Protests


It seems as though 2013 has seen an uptick in political upheaval around the world.

The 24-hour news cycle is riddled with one outbreak, followed by another, in consent succession.

But, just how much unrest is there around the world, and how does it compare to other times in history? To find out all we need to do is to click over to John Beieler’s map of global protests.


Beieler, a PhD student studying political science at Penn State, has created a visualization of data to track all of the protests around the world since 1979. Sourcing his information from the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT), Beieler’s map reflects a broad range of political protests and subversive activities.

Although the map contains a few some shortcomings, related to media bias and geo-tagging, this timeline can be uses to study history, identify patterns of protest, and monitor activity in real time.

A Biased Map of Ever Global Protest In The Last 40+ Years | Fast Company

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