The Body Dryer May Replace Your Towels In The Near Future


Reusing towels can pass on harmful bacteria to your body.

Furthermore, keeping track of towels can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have that many. Preventing the transfer of disease-causing bacteria is as simple as using The Body Dryer.

Forget about traditional drying methods such as air drying, which takes time, leaving you susceptible to cold weather. Towel drying is already out of the question and there is no way you would use a blow dryer on your fragile skin.

The Body Dryer is a small platform that can dry your body in just a few minutes. We’re not talking about damp dry, the machine makes sure your skin is as dry as it was before you got wet.

The convenient device can also lower your water and electricity bill, as you would not need to wash bundles of towels every week. For large families, this can be one of the most used devices at home.

The Body Dryer | Indiegogo

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