From what the SumAll study has gathered, the general rule is to catch people on their downtime to optimize your social media activities. The most ideal times are–early morning (when people are on their way to their workplaces), or during their “settling in” period at work, lunch break, or in the evenings, when work is done.

However, the above rule works for the work force, but for companies who want to reach out to college students, the normal 9-5 workday doesn’t apply.

To further improve on their social media strategy, experimentation is highly recommended for small businesses, and they can also use numerous tools to automate postings and tweets at different times throughout the day. Since people are also online during weekends, they should take advantage of this great time to engage their customers too, since most of them are relaxing during this time.

So far, the times that are emphasized in the graphic are the most appropriate times to send your messages on social media.

The best times to post on social mediaInfographic: Designed and produced by SumAll 

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