The Best New Calendar You Must Have - Bit Planner


Here’s one of the best inventions, ever — The Bit Planner. It’s a wall mounted organizer that is invented by Vitamins, a London based design and invention studio. I know this calendar is for grown ups, and for the work place, but it’s ironically made of Lego. If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Additionally, you can actually email the updates of the calendar to whoever you want. How? Synchronicity plays a part! You have to watch the video below.

Also, if your team travels a lot, you can still keep track of your work schedules. What? You need it on a continuous basis? No problem. That’s part of the calendar’s perks. Yep, its usable offline and online. How cool is that?

Just to reiterate — this product enjoys both worlds: physical and digital. Users can maximize its tangibility since the calendar is tactile (lego bricks are movable, remember?), yet, you can also view it on a digital platform.

Go… check the video below made by Vitamins so you can see magic!

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