Avoid Computer Crashes with Temperature Tracking Apps


Anyone enjoying the ease and convenience of a computer has also felt the pain and anguish of computer memory loss. In many cases, the painstaking hours it took to complete your work were all for naught. Luckily, there are sensors within your computer that can give you an idea when something is wrong or if a crash is imminent. Here are a few of the apps that you can use in order to save your work, save your computer, and save some money!


iStat Pro – the ever ubiquitous Apple product has special software dedicated to tracking the CPU temperature to prevent any computer crashes. With plenty of beautiful skins to choose from, the program is unobtrusive and practical.


Real Temp – this program can help those with Intel core processors to detect the temperatures of the CPU in order to prevent overheating and possible failure. Within the program there is documentation of the temperature, the distance to the max temperature, and the status of the computer as a whole.

speed fan

Speed Fan – as with the other programs, this free software is available to track the CPU temperature, but more experienced technologists will benefit most. Designed for hardcore geeks in mind, this is a step up when it comes to computer processing temperature data.

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