If you’ve got a blog and you find yourself getting out of control with all the RSS buttons: Google, Bloglines, MSN, Yahoo!, etc. you can tuck all your RSS feeds into a nice little Javascript button called FeedBuddy. It’s much easier to demonstrate…give the RSS button a click below and checkout how nicely it tucks your feeds into a generic RSS “holder.” Feedbuddy will create the script for you. All you need to do is enter your feed address and then drop the code into your website.

FeedBuddy is one nice button which is aimed to replace a set of many-colored different-sized buttons. It can be used to keep your site clean and elegant.

Buttons like “+ My Yahoo!”, “+ My MSN” (and about fifteen other similar buttons) allow visitors to quickly subscribe to RSS channel in appropriate feed-reader. When you place FeedBuddy button on your site you are placing all these feed-buttons.

Tame your feeds – [FeedBuddy]

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