Take A Picture to Find Out More With CamFind


Apps are a dime a dozen these days, which is why it’s so nice to see one that can actually help make your life easier -especially when said app is also free. That’s why CamFind is so amazing.

This iOS app allows you to take a picture of just about anything and immediately search for similar things online. You can use CamFind to research reviews on a book, learn more about a particular dog breed, find movie times for a film you want to see or to buy a new beauty product you found at a friend’s house. Just take a picture of the book, dog, movie poster or beauty product and search.

camfind 1
camfind 2
camfind 3

You can even use the CamFind focus feature to ensure that the device selects the correct time in your image and if you can’t use your camera for one reason or another, you can always just speak the words of what you want to search for instead.


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