Is It A Tablet? No, It's Digital Paper


Tablets are overrated.

They’re great for watching movies and browsing through social media. However, when you need to do a math equation for school or work, the last device you’ll reach for is a tablet.

Sony came up with a solution to this universal concern by introducing digital paper.


From faraway it looks like a normal sheet of paper.

But don’t be quick to crumble it into a ball and throw it away.

This electronic paper has many uses. You can scribble on it, write down notes and ideas, while saving it like you would a file on a computer.

You’ll never need to buy another notebook again.

Now you can fit a year’s worth of notes on one sheet of electronic paper.

Carrying a pile of notebooks will soon become obsolete thanks to this clever invention.

What more could you ask for?

Digital Paper from Sony | The Gadget Flow

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