Stop Wasting Time Opening Links On Your Mobile With Link Bubble


Waiting for a link to open while browsing on your mobile device is counterproductive.

The time it takes to switch back and forth between apps can add up after awhile.

If you want to put that time to better use, try using Link Bubble.

Link Bubble is an app that lets you open a link in the current screen that you’re viewing. Clicking on a link will instantly create a tiny bubble that will tell you when the link is finished loading, allowing you to keep browsing without needing to switch screens.

The app also keeps track of bookmarked links for those who want to view the sites later.

Perhaps the most attractive feature is Link Bubble’s ability to minimize the amount of jumps to multiple apps.

Viewing an Instragram link on Twitter takes 3 hops (Twitter>mobile browser>Instagram app). Link Bubble can cut out the middle man and take you directly to where you need to go, saving you precious time.

Introducing Link Bubble | YouTube

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