StickR TrackR – Never Lose An Item Again!


Losing something which is most precious to you is the last thing you can think of. It’s never a good feeling. What if we could do something about it?

If you ever wished for a device that could track these things for you, you wish is fulfilled. StckR TrackR, a device which was funded on Indiegogo, makes it easier for you to track anything. Just place it on anything you don’t want to lose and track it via TrackR, a free Android and iPhone app.

This app can conveniently tack 10 or less of your favorite items, so it can take care of most of the things you’d never like to be lose. If you were not one of the initial backers of this project, you still get your hands on this amazing tracking device. Just head on to their official website and reserve yourself a copy of it. It’s only available for a limited time!

Source – StickR TrackR

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