SOSCharger, The Portable Self-Powered Mobile Phone Charger


While smart phones becoming more popular, the battery life remains one of the weak points. Energy drain is fast and if you do not have an outlet to charge your mobile phone (or if the electricity is out), then you will run into safety problems. A new self-powered mobile phone charger has garnered the attention of hundreds (and by the end, potentially thousands) of backers.

With a good old-fashioned hand crank, the self-powered SOSCharger allows users to plug in their smart phone, crank away, and produce the energy required to sustain a charge. Best of all, the device is actually quite efficient compared with other hand-crank devices. Churning for 3-5 minutes will yield 5-12 minutes of talk-time. In an emergency, that is exactly what you need.

SOSCharger Kickstarter Project [Kickstarter]

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