Wouldn’t it be really convenient if you could answer the door without having to move and even when you are not there? It would have made our task a little bit easier. Well, it’s definitely happening!

Formerly known as iDoorCam, this WiFi enabled doorbell will let you communicate to your visitor from anywhere in the world. it features a microphone, sensor and a day-night camera  that can recognize anyone and alerts you as soon as someone pushes the SkyBell button outside your door.

While they can only hear you, you can both see and hear them and communicate to them using your Android or iPhone. All it requires you to do is to be in 3G, 4G or any other wireless network and it will make sure that you get the real-time update when someone approaches your door.

To know more about this impending and revolutionary app, head on over to IndieGoGo page.

Source - Skybell IndieGoGo

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