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Skulpt Aim: World's First Device To Measure Muscle Fitness With One Touch

Rahul Parashar is a tech enthusiast and a life hacker always looking to make subtle aspects of life easier for himself and for people around him. Full Bio


How healthy and fit we look depends on the shape, size and health of our muscles. Besides your face, the first thing people notice in you is your body shape, which is defined by muscles.

So it’s not surprising to see why so many people are muscle-conscious, if that makes sense. If you like to work out and keep yourself in shape, you’ll love the gadget I am about to introduce to you!

Skulpt Aim, an Indiegogo funded device, is designed to keep track of the shape, size and health of every muscle in your body. To use it, all you need to do is to place the device on the muscle you ant to measure and it will extract all the data for you.

Aim measures your body fat percentage & muscle quality in individual muscles. Exercise smarter & stay motivated with tailored workouts based on your goals. Hit the link below to know more about it –

Source – Skulpt Aim

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