Soon You Can Have A Device For Detecting Gluten in Your Food


Over the last decade, gluten has become a big issue for many people. According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, 1 in 133 Americans suffers from Celiac disease. In addition to these individuals that absolutely require a gluten-free diet to manage their symptoms, there are even more people who prefer to limit gluten for other dietary reasons. In fact, almost a quarter of consumers pick gluten-free food and the market is projected to be over 15 billion dollars in the next few years.



So what if you consistently look for these types of dishes when you eat out at restaurants? That’s where this very interesting startup comes in. What they are developing is a phone-sized device to make life easier for individuals with food sensitivities. The original goal was to create a way for consumers to quickly tell which offending food proteins were present in their meals.

One of the founders said in an interview that they are working on making the sensor aesthetically appealing enough to whip out at the dinner table during social gatherings. But it doesn’t stop with gluten: they foresee the possibility of expanding this technology to other common offenders like nuts, dairy, and shellfish. And if that doesn’t sound futuristic enough for you, they also want to try it out on bacteria and pesticides. Looks like we are one step closer to finally getting a Tricorder.

Soon, You Could Own a Device That Scans Your Food for Gluten | Entrepreneur

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