Silic: A Shirt Which Cleans Itself


Throughout our hectic schedule, we get exposed to a lot of things that can stain our clothes. The biggest risk factor is associated with eating and drinking. A spilled tea or coffee can not only blemish your clothes but can also ruin your mood.

As much as we would like it keep our clothes clean, they get stained when we wear them. What if someone could develop a shirt which clean itself? How easy things would be for us?

Yes, it’s possible now. Silic, a shirt funded on Kickstarter, has made it possible.It will help your read your laundry bills. It just cleans itself easily no matter where you go and what you put on it.

With its Hydrophobic Nanotechnology and ultra soft fabrics, it ensures that you short can easily endure liquids, sports and other stuff you do. Thus, you stay clean no matter where you go and what you decide to do. You can head on to the Kickstarter page to know more about this shirt.

Source – Silic Kickstarter


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