Shorten & Personalize Your Firefox Menu Toolbar


We mentioned a way to do this in the article, One Firefox Toolbar to Rule Them All, here at Lifehack, but this extension makes things a little simpler when it comes to just altering the menu bar.

The Personal Menu Firefox extension works in a similar manner to Tiny Menu, which puts all the menus [File, Edit Bookmarks etc] under one parent menu. However, Personal Menu has a few small differences.

The first is you can select which menus you want available on the toolbar. Each menu drop down is changed to a button.

Personal Menu’s real strength is in the custom button you are able to create that will only feature a list of options in the menu that you personally want in there. This is ideal if there are only a few items you frequently use from the menu bar and want quick access to.

Shorten Your Firefox Menu Toolbar

Personal Menu Via [MozillaLinks]

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