Selfies have been made popular thanks to cell phones that allow you to hold the “camera” up and snap a photo while viewing the screen, something that was never possible before on old-style cameras.

But…oops … the phone moved when you pushed the button to snap the photo.  It’s not your fault; you can’t hold the phone 100 percent steady at arm’s length.  Selfies are notorious for being just enough off-center to make them look…well…off-centered.

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To the rescue comes…TheSelfie.  It’s not the most original name for a gadget, but it does one thing for you, and it does it well – it lets you hold the camera up with one hand and press the button remotely with the other hand.  In other words, you don’t knock the phone when you snap the picture – you get the perfect selfie.  In the words of GabbaGoods (the manufacturer) …

“The Age of the awkward selfie is over! With #TheSelfie, you can now take selfies with ease!”

TheSelfie is connected to the cell phone with a wire, so you want to make sure to tuck it away out of the picture.  Hopefully they will come out with a wireless version, too.  But at just $20, it’s hard to complain.  The one limitation is that it is available at this time only for Apple products. You can get yours here.


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