Sell Your Broken iPod

Speaking of recycling old crap, if you’ve got an old [or new!] iPod that’s busted you can sell it at

We pay you top dollar for your damaged Apple iPod MP3 Player. We don’t care if the iPod has a cracked screen, the hard drive busted or shows a sad face, buttons don’t work, is acting weird, is old and creepy, has water damage, or if the battery is dead. Click below to get a price quote, and in 3 easy steps turn your broken iPod into CASH!

The process is very quick. You specify which model you own. How badly it’s damaged. Receive a quote and then send it away.

For example, a dead 1stgen Nano, with the box, will fetch you $20. Reasonable?

Turn Your Broken iPod into Cash! – [BuyMyBrokeniPod]

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