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Zudos is a search engine that allows you to search the web for up to date information about any topic. Zudus queries a number of networking sites to pull relevant information about the topic you are interested in. Zudus is a simple tool to search β€œthe sometimes chaotic social media space.”

Zudos is a tool that allows you to easily monitor what everyday people and the media have to say about any desired topic. Whether you are keeping an eye on your business competitors, looking for the latest opinions on your favorite sports team, or simply getting a daily scoop on what people are saying about you, zudos makes all of this easy. Start using zudos now by typing in any keywords in the search box above.

I am not impressed with the tool as of yet, however, Zudos is still young and will be adding features in the near future β€” be sure to keep an eye on it as it develops. What do you think of it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Search social media – [Zudos]

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