Battery Booster Lite: Never Let Your Android Phone Overheat Again


No one wants to see their device overheated, but it’s inevitable. Over time, we tend to install several apps, videos games and other and other stuff which starts to take toll on our Phone and eventually, it starts to overheat.

However, if you have an Android Phone, you can prevent the overheating to some extent by using Battery Booster Light’ app.  It manages all the apps and prevents your phone from overheating by acting as power management tool. Moreover, it also helps you use the battery life of phone more efficiently.


All the apps that drain your battery will be revealed and then you can manage those battery-taxing apps accordingly. If you battery has been drained significantly, you can switch on the ‘saving mode’ to save battery at all conditions. Simply put, if you want an app which can work as both battery managing and app management tool, this is well worth a shot.

You can download the app here Battery Booster Lite

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