Say Goodbye to Password Purgatory with LastPass [Video]


Well, maybe not goodbye. But perhaps…adieu?

We all struggle with passwords. Protecting our own personal information and accounts is an arduous task at best — that is if we pay much attention to it at all.

It is imperative to use unique, secure passwords for all your sites — not just your bank account. Rather than post-it notes, text files, or even keeping all your passwords nicely organised in your address book, take ten minutes now and check out LastPass, a (mostly) free password manager.

To recap, here are some of the features that LastPass has to offer:

  • Never lose passowrds
  • Auto fill options
  • Generate difficult to remember (or hack passwords)
  • A different pasword for every account
  • Available for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Mobile-ready for iOS, Android BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and even WebOS

Now that you’ve got a working knowledge of this phenomenal software-as-a-service, it’s time to install LastPass and escape password purgatory forever. Not only will you have a safer selection of passwords, you’ll have leveled up your productivity in the process.

And that’s the kind of password hack worth trumpeting.

(Photo credit: Password in Binary Code via Shutterstock)

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