Saving More Data for Updated Chrome on Mobile


As of late, more than 1/5 of adult smartphone-wielding Web surfers in America do most of their browsing on their mobile device. The data also shows a similar trend is happening all over the world. More and more people now leave their desktop computers and laptops alone and use their mobile phones and tablets instead for browsing the Web. Consequently, the new preferential shift regarding online browsing has ignited some important changes in the home turf of Google. The company is coming out with a new feature on Chrome for mobile devices to help users reduce data usage and even assist them on cutting some expenses on their mobile plans.

How will users go about it? They just click enable on the data savings option on the settings menu. After clicking that setting, Google Chrome’s data compression and bandwidth management will lessen data usage by, (you have to smile when you see this) as much as 50%. This amazing adjustment happens while surfing with Chrome for iOS and Android.

Sources:  MashableGoogle Chrome Blog

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