Save 95% of CPU on YouTube


While watching YouTube videos can be incredibly fun and valuable, it can also be a huge time sink and consume hours of your time. One of the bad experiences with youtube is how it drains your computers CPU causing your machine to run slow. If you are working whilst using youtube in the background as your music playlist, it can cause your computer to grind to a halt . One new way that YouTube has attempted to help alleviate this slowdown is through an HTML5 version of the site. While it’s still in the trial stages, it still works. The HTML5 version of YouTube can help you to reduce CPU load and makes your computer more efficient to run multiple applications.

youtube html 5

Unfortunately, full screen support is only partially implemented for certain browsers and only works with Firefox 4, Google Chrome, Opera 10.6+, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9. To enable HTML5 support, you need to be logged into your youtube account.

Get YouTube HTML5

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