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There are times when we all fall victim to what’s urgent rather than set ourselves up so that we can do what’s really important in our lives. We tend to get caught up in the to-do lists we’ve created rather than focus on the long term goals we’d like to achieve.

Sandglaz Infinity has launched its private beta to the public today, and it expands upon the original Sandglaz app to allow for a more robust user experience. By adding a slew of new features that level up the app, Sandglaz Infinity may be the answer for those who don’t want to caught up in to-do apps but don’t want to get caught up in just doing the urgent stuff, either.

Essentially, what Sandglaz Infinity has become is a to-do list plus a calendar, allowing for more long-term goal planning.

Sandglaz…on Steroids

While the original Sandglaz didn’t allow for much in the way of long-term planning, Sandglaz Infinity lets you plan as far ahead as you’d like. You can either work in a daily or weekly environment, setting up goals and tasks as you see fit. The customization options in Sandglaz Infinity make it far more scalable in use than the original Sandglaz. Not everyone likes to work with a weekly calendar, so adding these sort of customization options is a great move by the development team at Sandglaz.


Refining tasks and scheduling with Sandglaz Infinity


There is also more task automation in Sandglaz Infinity. For example, if you don’t complete a task that is scheduled for this week, the app will automatically shift that task to next week. This is handy if you’ve got a lot on the go and don’t want to let what wasn’t handled in weeks’ prior to fall through the cracks. (Considering that I’ve got a lot on the go, I really like this feature.)

Initial Thoughts

Sanglaz Infinity has a lot of flexibility built in, which will work out much better than the original for people who aren’t just concerned about getting stuff done – but are concerned about getting the right stuff done.

I’ll be taking a more comprehensive look at Sandglaz Infinity in a future post in our “30 Days with” series, where you’ll be able to see what using the app over an extended period of time – as in the time it takes to adopt a habit – can do for you.

Can’t wait to see what I find after 30 days? You can get in on the free public beta now and give Sandglaz Infinity a try for yourself.

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